Yerevan Beer Festival 2018 - Armenian Festivals


Beer Festival in Armenia is a great event and the most favourite one. Armenians love beer and everything connected with it, so this festival is a great way to combine beer with the amazing atmosphere of music, dances and games.

History of beer

Beer is one of the oldest and most popular alcoholic drink widely consumed in the world. It is made from cereal grains. The home for beer was Armenia and it was created during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic (around 8500 BC to 5500 BC).

Beer Festival Armenia

Yerevan Beer Festival is an annual event in the life of Armenians. Tourists are often attracted with this event as here they find a number of the best beer from all over Armenia. The festival is always accompanied by music, dances, competitions and games.

Yerevan Beer Festival 2012 Armenia

In 2012 Yerevan Beer Festival Armenia was held for the first time. Here are some details about it.

Date: Friday, September 28, 2012, from 6 PM - 10 PM

Place: Open Air Caribbean Swimming Pool at Best Western Congress Hotel

Entrance fee: 4000 AMD

Yerevan Beer Festival 2018

This year, in 2018, Yerevan Beer Festival is held on August 18-19. The beer lovers will have a great chance to compete who is the fastest beer drinker with a straw, who is the fastest hot-dog eater and so on.

Date: August 18-19

Place: Swan Lake, Yerevan

Visit Armenia during Yerevan Beer Fest and be in the centre of fantastic events taking place during this event. Trust us the organization of your day, holiday and the whole tour!

Gardman Tour, 16.07.2018