Yerevan Travel Guide - Things to do in Yerevan

Yerevan Travel Guide

Yerevan Transport System

Yerevan Bus

There are 663 buses in Yerevan city and each day nearly 420-430 buses serve the needs of transportation of the people. Officially, buses work from 9 o’clock until 11 o’clock, but they start their work much earlier and finish it later than 11 o’clock. The buses have no weekends and they work seven days a week. The price of the bus is 100 AMD which is nearly equal to 0,21$.


Underground is the best and the quickest way to get to a needed place. Armenian metro station is one of the cleanest and the newest metro stations in the world. There are 9 stations and it is not the end, as there are some works done to create new stations. Yerevan Metro works from 6:30 until 11 o’clock. The price is 100 AMD by which you buy tokens or you can also buy plastic cards (soon you will be able to buy smart cards).

Mini Bus

There are 73 minibusses in Yerevan and all of them are new as the old ones are replaced. Minibusses as well as buses work seven days a week and have the same timeline. Fortunately, some buses and minibusses work earlier than 9 o’clock and finish their work later than 11 o’clock. The price of using the minibus is also the same - 100 AMD.

Electric Transportation

Electric transportation is the cheapest way of transportation in Yerevan but the disadvantage of it is that it is a little bit slower than the other means of transportation. The price of the electric transportation is 50 AMD which is nearly 0,10 $.

Weather in Yerevan

Winters in Armenia are cold, spring is warmer than winter. The weather in late autumn is nearly the same as the weather in the early spring.

Entertainment places in Yerevan

  • The Club

Address: 40 Tumanyan St, Yerevan 0010

  • Anteb

Address: Yeznik Koghabatsi Street, Yerevan

  • Ankyun

Address: 4 Vardanants St, Yerevan

  • Yerevan Tavern

Address: 5 Amiryan St, Yerevan 0010

  • 12 Tables

Address: Alexander Spendiaryan St, Yerevan

  • The Green Bean

Address: 10 Amiryan St, Yerevan

  • Dolmama

Address: 10 Pushkin St, Yerevan 0010

  • Wine Republic

Address: 2 Tamanyan St, Yerevan 0009

  • Phoenicia Restaurant

Address: Tamanyan str. 3, Yerevan 0009

  • Caucasus Tavern

Address: 1st Floor, 82 Hanrapetutyan St, Yerevan 0010

  • Marco Polo

Address: 1/3 Abovyan St, Yerevan 0010

  • Lagonid

Address: 37 Nalbandyan St, Yerevan 0010

  • Karma

Address: 65c Teryan St, Yerevan

  • Restaurant Français

Address: 30 Arami Poghots

  • Tapastan Yerevan

Address: 6 Martiros Saryan St, Yerevan 0002

Museums, Art Galleries in Yerevan 

  • National Art Gallery of Armenia

Address: Yerevan, Arami 1

  • State Museum of Nature of Armenia

Address: Yerevan, Tigran Mets, 34

  • "Erebuni" historical-archeological reserve-museum

Address: Yerevan, 38 Erebuni

  • Museum of the history of Yerevan

Address: Yerevan, 1/1 Argishti

  • State Museum of Armenian History

Address: Yerevan, Republic Square

  • Galendz Museum

Address: 18 Kalents str.

  • Karen Demirchyan Museum

Address: Yerevan, Parpetsi 7

  • Khachatur Abovyan House-Museum

Address: 4 Kanaker 2nd st.

  • Museum of Modern Art

Address: Yerevan, 7 Mashtots Avenue

  • Russian art museum of Yerevan

Address: Yerevan, Isahakyan, 38

  • "Mother Armenia" military museum

Address: Yerevan, Azatutyan 2

  • Railway Museum

Address: Sasuntsi Davit Square

  • Cafesjian museum –foundation

Address: Yerevan, Cascade

  • Folk Art Museum of Armenia

Address: Yerevan, Abovyan, 64

  • Woodcraft museum

Address: Yerevan, Paronyan, 4 and 2

Cinemas and Theaters in Yerevan

  • Kinopark

Address: Yerevan Mall, 34/3 Arshakunyats Ave, Yerevan 0026

  • National Cinema Center of Armenia

Address: 38 Pushkin St, Yerevan 0010

  • Cinema Star

Address: Dalma Garden Maal, 2nd floor, 3 Tsitsernakaberd Hwy, Yerevan 0082

  • Nairi Cinema

Address: 50 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 0009

  • Moscow Cinema

Address: 18 Kh. Abovyan str.

  • "Hayastan"

Address: 74 Andranik str.

  • Dramatic Theater of Yerevan City Hall after Hrachya Ghaplanyan

Address: 28 IsahakyanStreet

  • National Academic Theater after Gabriel Sundukyan

Address: 6 Gr. Lusavorich str.

  • State Theater of Musical Comedy after Hakob Paronyan

Address: 7 VazgenSargsyanStreet

  • Russian Dramatic Theater after K.S. Stanislavsky

Address: 7 Abovyan str.

  • Young People’s Theatre of Yerevan City Hall

Address: 3 Moskovyan Str.

  • GOY Theater

Address: 6 Gr. Lusavorich str.

Malls in Yerevan

  • Rossia Mall

Address: 0010, 20 Tigran Mets Ave, Yerevan 0010

  • Yerevan Mall

Address: 34 Arshakunyats Ave, Yerevan 0026

  • «Tashir Street» Shopping Gallery

Address: 2 Northern Ave, Yerevan

  • Metronome Shopping Center

Address: 6 Kajaznuni St, Yerevan

  • Dalma Garden Mall

Address: 3 Tsitsernakaberd Hwy, Yerevan 0082

  • RIO Mall

Address: 8 Vahram Papazyan St, Yerevan 0012

Must see places in Yerevan

  1. Northern Avenue

  2. Republic Square

  3. Opera & Balet National Academic Theater

  4. The Cascade Complex

  5. Tsitsernakaberd

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