Sochut Resort Hotel

Sochut Resort

Sochut Resort is situated in Gyulagarak village (Lori region) just next to Stepanavan Dendropark.

It is an arboretum that was established in 1933 by a Polish engineer-forester Edmon Leonovich and is 35 ha in total of which 17.5 ha consist of natural forest and 15 ha of ornamental trees.

Nowadays the arboretum is of a great interest to the general public, professional scientists and eco-tourists.

The arboretum is a perfect place for public excursions and botanical or zoological tours.

Admission is free and open to the public.

What is more important that it is also famous for its curative features as every year in April-May pollination occurs here and as a result, auspicious conditions spring up for people with allergic and chronic respiratory diseases.

Sochut Resort has standard double, semiluxe and luxe rooms. All the rooms have telephone, satellite TV, refrigerator, bathroom and sitting area. The rates include 3-times meal per day.

Through the resort territory there are entertainment places such as table tennis, billiard, kids’ center and playground, game zone, karaoke and volleyball playgrounds.

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