Middle Ages of Armenia (5-17 cc.)

In 428, the Armenian kingdom was dissolved by the Persian court and turned into Мarzpanate (province).

In 450-451 for the sake of the fatherland and the Christian faith under the leadership of Vardan Mamikonyan a revolt was raised against the Persians (Avarayr battle). Due to the rebellion led by Vahan Mamikonyan in 481-484 Nvarsak agreement was signed, in the Eastern-Armenian territories. a kingdom established by Vachagan the Pious, but In the middle of the 7th century Arab forces invaded Armenia. At the beginning of the 8th century Armenia was already completely dominated by Arabs

Bagratids kingdom

 In 885 Ashot I Bagratids led a rebellion for restoration of independence and Armenian kingdom. Another branch of Bagratids settled in neighboring Georgia, which, coming into power in the 9th century, established a royal dynasty of Georgian Bagratids. In the middle of the 11th century, as a result of attacks of the Byzantine Empire, the Kingom of Bagratids fell. In the middle of the 11th century, as a result of attacks of the Byzantine Empire, the Kingom of Bagratids fell.

After the battle of Manazkert in 1071, Armenia was conquered by Seljuk Turks. Starting from the end of the 11th century the domination of Seljuks started to decline. The situation tried to use Ivane and Zakare Zakarids, who were noblemen in Georgian Royal palace, led armenian-georgian armies and liberated Armenia. A big part of Armenia was liberated at that time.


 In the northeastern part of Cilicia, in the Mountainous Cilicia, Rubenids principality emerged in 1080, which later absorbed the whole Cilicia and a number of adjacent regions. In 1198 the Armenian Prince Levon II Rubenid  received the imperial crown from the German Emperor and was solemnly crowned in the city of Tarsus, by that founding Armenian kingdom of Cilicia. Country existed until the 14th century, when under the blows Mamluk State of Egypt, Armenian state of Cilicia fell in 1375.

In 30-40s of the 13th century Armenia was conquered by Mongols. Since then Armenia lost it’s independence, until the beginning of the 20th century. In the 16-17th centuries, as a result of devastating Ottoman-Persian wars Armenia was twice divided between the Ottoman Empire and the Safavids’ Persia. 

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