Hiking vacations in Armenia

Hiking vacations in Armenia

If your idea of a good vacation is more than just lying by the pool or chilling out on the beach, than hiking adventure trips in Armenia are ideal for you.

Hiking Armenia

Hiking is one of the most famous and evolving tours in Armenia, revealing the most fascinating cultural and historical places of the country.

We have a superb selection of hikes in Armenia, each promising amazing scenery and unforgettable impressions.

Adventure Trips Armenia

During hiking adventure trips, visitors will come across mountainous landscapes, historical monasteries, caves, khachkars (cross-stones), dense forests and other breathtaking monuments.

You will explore the highest mountain Aragats with its crater and the volcanic lake, the glorious Garni canyon, Byurakan village with its observatory, lake Parz and so on.

Adventure trips to Tsaghkadzor

Those who like winter sports, extreme, or simply want to have a memorable vacation, are offered adventure trip to Tsaghkadzor ski resort. If you really want to learn about our country, experience real extreme, then you should take a hiking adventure trip in Armenia.

Adventure hiking tours Armenia

Despite being a small country, Armenia is famous for diverse natural and historical monuments, climate, and of course, for the hospitable people. And hiking brings you close to the land and its people.

If you crave an ancient history, mysteries, impressions and unforgettable experience, then the vacation in Armenia would be the best choice for you.

Adventure tour packages in Armenia

Our adventure hiking packages are designed for individuals, families, as well as for small and big groups. We offer the following tour packages:

Our guests can take adventure hiking packages including tours and excursions to historical and archaeological places with old monasteries and fortresses and other mysterious places.

It's time for a spectacular vacation, leave your worries at home on a trip to Armenia.

Gardman Tour, 09.02.2017