Flowering Apricot - Tour photo session

On Saturday, March 30 we conducted a season’s opening 1-day trip that we named “flowering apricots”. Our aim was to make a combined tour for a photo session of the awakening nature – flowering gardens of apricot trees and discovering new routes and places that we haven’t reached yet. 

 During the trip, we visited Khor Virap, Urtsadzor gardens, Gevorg Marzpetuni castle near Khosrov reserve, as well as Gnishik village in Vayots Dzor region. 

 Both Khor Virap and Urtsadzor photo sessions were on the background of magnificent Ararat mount, that looked especially clear and beautiful that day.

 Marzpetuni castle is dated 10-13th century A.C. and has served as a garrison. The castle has recently undergone a restoration, but the visitor still can feel the spirit of a 1000-year-old castle. 

 Gnishik village is located in the mountains, very close to Nakhijevan border, 20 km South-West from Yeghegnadzor, the administrative centre of Vayots Dzor region, 2000 meters above sea level.

To get to Gnishik you need to climb up 1000 meters from Yeghegnadzor by a tiny and sinuous road with broken asphalt, and when you get there you cannot stop admiring the surrounding mountainous and gorgeous landscapes.