Adventure in Northern Armenia - 5 days jeep tour

Off-road Tours
June1, 2021 - October1, 2021
5 Days

Yerevan - Garni - Geghard - Geghama mountains - Sevan - Haghpat - Gyumri - Yerevan


After breakfast at the hotel we will board a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle and will drive to Kotayk region. On the way we will take off road path through the Canyon of Garni, stretching along the rivers Azat and Goght. Enjoying magnificent, seemingly artificial slopes from the foot to the top of the gorge named "Symphony of Stones", we will continue our way to Garni Temple built in the second half of the 1st century B.C. and dedicated to a heathen god, probably to Mitra, the god of the sun. After Christianity the temple was used as a summer residence of Armenian Kings described as ‘‘A House of Coolness‘‘. Leaving the temple we will drive to the north up to the magnificent monument of medieval Armenian architecture Geghard Monastery founded in IV century A.D. (at that time called Ayrivank or a “Cave Monastery”) and rebuilt in 1215, when as a legend says the name Geghard was given as the legendary spear - Geghard - (that pierced Christ) was brought there. Leaving Geghard Monastery and having lunch near Geghard village we will take off-road way towards Lake Vishapakar, located on Geghama Mountain chain on the South-West of Lake Sevan, where we can visit one of the unique wonders of the world, rock carvings of Geghama mountains. Enjoying the lake and surrounding beautiful nature we will continue our way through Geghama volcanic chain to Lake Sevan, which is the largest lake in Caucasus as well as one of the largest and highest freshwater lakes of the world. It is located on 1900 m above sea level, depth is 90m, lengh-70km, width-55km. In summer, the middle temperature of lake surface is 18-23 degrees above zero, which is quite convenient for swimming. After reaching the shore of Lake Sevan we will check in the hotel, have dinner and overnight.

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After the breakfast at the hotel we will head to Sevan peninsula to visit Sevanavank monastery built in 874 A.C. by the daughter of King Ashot Bagratuni - Mariam. During the 9th century the Monastery became the royal citadel of the Armenian Kings.  Coming down from the top we will drive to Dilijan National Park located on the upstream pool of Aghstev river, and surrounded by the Lesser Caucasus mountains. Here we will visit Haghartsin Monastery built in XII century.  Continuing our way to the North we will take off-road way through mountainous landscapes from Yenokavan village towards Haghpat village having picnic lunch on the way and enjoying the fascinating natural sites. After lunch we will continue our way towards Haghpat village and reaching the local hotel, which is located on a high plateau and has a fascinating view over Debed river canyon, we will have dinner specific to the northern Armenian kitchen.

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After breakfast at the hotel we will drive to Haghpat Monastery built in X century and standing against the background of steep forest-grown slopes of Bazum ridge. Leaving Haghpat Monastery we will continue our driving to Odzun village, then through Arevatsag village we will drive down to Dzoraget canyon surrounded by beautiful natural and historical sites. We will do an off road to Kurtan village, where we will visit a villager's home and will have a lunch with the family. After the lunch we will continue our way to Shirakamut village and will take another exciting off road towards Trchkan waterfall. Leaving Trchkan we will drive to Gyumri for dinner and overnight.

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After breakfast at the hotel we will drive to the south west up to Aragats Mountain to visit Amberd Fortress built during the 10th century.  Enjoying the landscape surrounding the fortress and alpine flowers near the fortress and on the wings of Aragats, we will drive to Byurakan village, where we will have lunch, experiencing the hospitality of the local family. After lunch we will drive to Yerevan, where we will have city tour visiting famous Yerevan Brandy Factory established in XIX century. After the excursion in the factory we will visit Cafesjian Center for the Arts located in the Cascade. Inspired by the vision of its founder, the Center offers a wide variety of exhibitions, derived from the Gerard L. Cafesjian Collection of contemporary art. This collection of more than 5,000 works includes one of the most comprehensive glass collections in the world. Leaving Cascade we will have a dinner in one of the nice restaurants. After the dinner we will embark on an evening tour of Yerevan city that includes visiting the monument to famous architect A. Tamanyan, Opera House and through nice Northern prospect walking towards the Republic Square, where we can enjoy the Large Dancing Water Fountains. After a nice city tour transfer to the airport.



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Price Includes

Costs of transportation, airport transfer, Yerevan city tour, museum entrance fees, overnight, full board, as well the driver/guide. Price is per passenger and calculated for the case of 4 passengers and 1 driver in a vehicle.

Price does not Include

Airfare, personal expenses, visa fees, insurance, and other costs not mentioned above.