Why is it worth visiting Armenia?


If you are searching for a wonderful, adventurous, interesting, full of emotions and wows vacation spot, then Armenia is waiting for you. The most hospitable, the oldest, the most breathtaking sights and people are waiting for you. So why should you visit Armenia? Let’s discover together.

1. Ancient historical heritage of Armenia

Armenia offers you a variety of ancient historical sights, fantastic churches with unique architecture and wonderful soul. You will be amazed at the unforgettable view of Armenian cities, villages, forests, rolling green hills, waterfalls, gorges, mountain tops, let alone the brilliant architecture and historical heritage.

2. Armenian Traditional Food

Armenia is famous for the tastiest traditional dishes. You can enjoy the traditional Armenian dishes which bear the influence of Armenian history since ancient times. Believe me, you will never eat anything better than Armenian food. 

3. Armenian Festivals and Events

Armenia is a wonderful country and it becomes trice more attractive during Armenian festivals, so make sure to have a look at the calendar of Armenian festivals and events and visit Armenia during these days. 

4. Armenian Hospitability

Experience Armenian hospitability: Armenians are too hospitable and when you appear next to their houses they surely invite you – being a stranger to them, to eat something with them, telling you that they cannot eat alone or with no guests in their houses.

5. Armenia - the land of free water

You can find free water everywhere in Armenia and there is no need to buy bottled water in Armenia. You can drink water coming from the tap, from the water fountains named pupulak and situated in the streets. 

6. Shopping in Armenia

Armenia is a fantastic place to do some shopping. You can find everything in Armenia starting from well-known brands and ending up with Armenian traditional everything. There are several malls in Armenia which correspond to the European realms. 

7. Great Armenian atmosphere

The best way to experience the atmosphere in Armenia is coming out of your houses at nights and feel the unbroken soul of the Armenia which won a Velvet Revolution! People rule the country! Armenia belongs to people.

Visit Armenia, be in the centre of all the events happening in Armenia!

Gardman Tour, 06.09.2018