Happy New Year in Armenia!


New Year is a special event in the lives of all Armenians, so while searching for a fantastic place to visit at the end of December, surely visit Armenia. 

Armenia is the best idea for the New Year celebration as here you will be able to find too many must-see places, festivals and things to do! Let’s learn more about the traditions and customs of the New Year in Armenia.

New Year in Armenia

New Year is a special holiday around the world, but in Armenia, there are too many interesting traditions and customs of celebrating the New Year. Armenians start New Year preparation almost from the first days of December in order not to miss a single thing.

New Year in Armenia date

Every year Armenians celebrate New Year on the 31st of December late at night (it becomes January 1st, 12 AM). When it is already 11:55 PM Armenians gather around their table full of many different and tasty food, raise their glasses and wait for the president’s speech. 

New Year celebration in Armenia

After 12 AM Armenians start celebrating, eating, singing, dancing, drinking and going outside of their houses to see fantastic fireworks (by the way this is the only day when there are fireworks after 11:00 PM). 

There are too many New Year programs on TV, so if you don’t want to go out, you can stay and entertain yourself by these programs. 
There are various events happening in the city centre which are worth attending. These events last even for a week. Armenia is celebrating the most special event in their lives – welcoming the new year and wishing a successful year to each other!

5 Reasons to celebrate New Year in Armenia

1. Armenian dishes

Armenian New Year tables are unconquerably the best tables in the world. Armenian women seem to compete with each other whose table is going to have more variety and whose Dolma is going to be the tastiest!

2. Favourable weather conditions in Armenia

Armenian winters are never too cold and you can surely enjoy the snow without catching a cold. The weather in winter will never prevent you from doing anything you planned. So do not worry about the severe cold while planning your trip to Armenia in winter.

3. Free events and concerts in Yerevan

During New Year you will be able to enjoy amazing events, performances, festivals in the streets for free. The streets of Yerevan are full of interesting winter small shops so you feel like you are in a winter fairy tale.

4. Armenian atmosphere

You will never find a better pal, than an Armenian. Armenians have built a unique atmosphere around them and around Armenia – an atmosphere of love. Everyone smiles in the streets, strangers greet each other and wish a happy New Year.

5. Variety of New Year celebration cities

There is a great variety of cities where you can celebrate the New Year. You can celebrate the New Year in the capital of Armenia Yerevan or you can also choose other sights of Armenia such as –Etchmiadzin, Dilijan, Tsaghkadzor, Sevan, Jermuk, and so on. Fans of adrenaline and winter sports can choose Tsaghkadzor and enjoy the ski resort of Armenia.

New Year in Armenia with Gardman Tour

Trust us the organization of your fantastic New Year tour to Armenia and we promise that you will never forget Armenian New Year days. Amazing memories and unforgettable emotions are a must!

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Gardman Tour, 18.10.2018